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Drip Filtration Unit
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Drip Control
American Manufacturing Company, Inc. manufactures residential and commercial wastewater and water system products, including Bull Run Valve, Dial-A-Flow, Perc-Rite® drip equipment, alarms, pump controls and motor controls, both demand and Timer Controls plus Remote Operation & Monitoring.
American Perc-Rite® provides residential and commercial drip system technical support for design, installation and service. Our signature tools include a Drip Dispersal Design Manual for engineers plus our new "Designers' Guide" for residential drip dispersal systems.
American Automated Controls manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom electrical motor and pump control systems for the septic, sewage and water systems industries. We offer a complete line of products, full technical and design support and field support for even the toughest situations.
Through distributors we support the engineers, designers and OEM's for residential, commercial, municipal and industrial motor controls throughout the United States and Canada. Our products conform to U/L 508 and U/L 913 standards where applicable.
American Automated Controls provides the full range of controls design and manufacturing through American Manufacturing Company Inc. and ACSICO LLC company (formerly Automated Control Systems, Inc.). Automated Control Systems was formed in the 1980's from the original company called Putnam Waterguard located in Brewster, NY. In 2005 they joined the group of American Manufacturing Company and became ACSICO LLC still providing the same quality and technical abilities they've always been known for.
The American On-Site Products are used throughout the industry. The products include Bull Run Valve, Dial-A-Flow, Cool Guide, American On-Site Controls and more. If an individual desires a product not shown in the catalog or on or web page, a toll free call to 1-800-345-3132 or an e-mail request to will normally result in getting information about the desired product.
The Lasaire Lagoon Aeration System provides for one of the most efficient oxygen delivery systems available. The Lasaire system provides fine bubble diffusion using weighted submerged tubing. The systems have no anchoring underwater, no floating on the water and are totally accesible from dry land. The system is "air purged" preventing orifice clogging, water logging, and does not use dangerous chemicals.
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